Meaford Ontario Sighting

by Alice

My friend and I were up visiting his family. It was October of 1989.

We were walking along near the bay when I noticed the sky was beautiful around 11 pm and asked him what was going on.

He told me it was the Northern Lights.

It is difficult to describe but this particular night the colour was just a hint every now and then, but to me they looked more like shimmering silver. Breathtaking to say the least, mesmerizing the way the flow of the movement. Heavenly flow.

If one should have the opportunity too visually have the chance to see this, please, do yourself a tremendous favor and grab the chance. You'll not regret it.

One of God's wonders.

Thank you for sending us this report of your sighting of the Northern Lights, I found a picture to add to your submission.

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