Maybe Golden Eagles

by Mike
(London, Ontario, Canada)

There are at least two large Eagles, a very dark brown/black colour, which appear to live in a forested area between London and Lambeth.

They make sorties across the fields north of the trees, sometimes flying over the apartments where I live.

From what I can see on the Internet, they are most likely Golden Eagles..

Unfortunately, I do not have a camera good enough to get a picture.

Thanks for the info Mike. I know there are Bald Eagles in the area you mentioned, as I have seen them near the Guy Lombardo bridge over the Thames River, and also at Cherry Hill Mall on Oxford Street, London.

I'm not sure if there are Goldens around here, although, juvenile Bald's can look like Goldens as they don't yet have their white head and tail.

Perhaps one of our readers can help us with info on this one!

I found this info on the range of the Golden Eagle and also one for the range of the Bald Eagle on Ontario.

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More Turkey Vulture sightings
by: Mike

One of our readers spotted Turkey Vultures - Last weekend, May 15 2010, I spotted five Turkey Vultures all airborne at the same time.. location over a forested area to the west of Bostwick Road, London. I assume that it was the two parent birds plus offspring....

Thanks for the update
by: Barb (your webmistress)

Hi there Mike,

Thanks for the update - it would have been wonderful if you had seen a Golden Eagle - I have never seen one that wasn't in a zoo.

The Turkey Vultures are back in the area now that the weather is warmer and we see them often around the London area.

Keep watching the birds from your wonderful high view!

This time I got a really good look
by: Mike

One of these big birds flew within a few feet of me today while being pursued by one of the resident crows. It came towards me and then banked away, and I could see the head very clearly for the first time.

As a result of this sighting, I can confirm that it was not a Golden Eagle as first thought. The head was the distinctive colour of a Turkey Vulture.

Apologies to all if I raised hopes. I am not a bird spotter, but living on the top floor of an apartment block, I sometimes feel like I am in their space.

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