Maybe a Wolf

by JRT
(Grey County, Ontario, Canada)

We were walking our dogs tonight and it is quite dark were we live, but we are still are in "town". We have three street lights along our whole street!

We normally hear Coyotes yipping nearby, which is kind of spooky, but we just keep on walking. Well - tonight this wasn't a Coyote - it was definitely a Wolf howling, and it was only on the other side of the river from us.

We caught the howl half way through, as the ice crunching under out feet was making some noise. The howl stopped us and our dogs in our tracks.

It was very eerie as this is the first time in 11 years living here that we have heard a Wolf. I think I will keep our dogs on a leash now at night, as that was an eye opener!


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Seen near Petrolia
by: Denise

I'm sure I just saw a Wolf just off the 402 by Petrolia!

S/he was playing in the snow in the median ..... what a sight!!

I hope s/he stays safe.

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