Marked Tundra Swan, Erin, Ontario, Spring 2010

by Richard
(Burlington, Ontario)

Swan with tags

Swan with tags

Richard, one of our readers from Burlington, Ontario, asks this question, and submitted more pictures - My son in law has pictures of a Tundra Swan taken on his pond with the markings H37 on his back.

This, or another swan, has visited this pond over the past couple years.

Does anyone know the significance of the markings?

Well, Richard, our readers have proven themselves to be a knowledgeable group in the past, so maybe someone reading this will know the answer.

Here are more pictures of this Swan

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H37 is alive and well
by: Greg

She is living in the James Dick Erin Pit, a still active, but partially rehabilitated, gravel pit with gorgeous lakes and wetlands. Summer 2011.

H37 Identified
by: Karen from Erin

Thanks to Harry from Wye Marsh. H37 female Trumpeter was born 2009 - caught and tagged on Dec 15, 2009 at LaSalle Park, Burlington. Sightings in Hillsburgh, Erin, and Flesherton.

Please continue to let us know if anyone else receives a visit from H37.

Could be a Trumpeter
by: Barb

I wonder if the bird Richard saw in Spring, and the same one that is on Jeff's pond in Flesherton, could be a Trumpeter Swan?

The one they have been observing has not migrated north, as it would have done, had it been a Tundra Swan, it is sticking around this area.

There is also a website where you can record and report the birds you have seen, with their tag numbers, so that site might have more information about this particular individual Swan.
Wye Marsh - Swan Tagging Info

The Same Swan
by: Jeff

This same Swan is now on my pond in Flesherton.

June 21st 2010 we took pictures of the same Swan and we are asking the same question ...... why the H37?

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