Many Possum Sightings across Ontario

by Terry, Dennis, Dorothy, Barb, Joe
(Solina, Aurora, Scarborough, Oakville, Ajax, Whitby)

On March 7th, Terry wrote to say ..... We sighted a small Possum in our recycle box tonight in Solina, Ontario. It appeared to have a leg injury and was moving very slowly. It eventually moved out behind our barn.

On March 5th, Dennis from Aurora says ..... I was walking my dog off-leash in a farmers corn field March 6th in fairly deep snow around 3:30 pm in bright sunshine, when at the edge of a tree line I saw a animal that looked like a Possum bundled being perfectly still next to a corn stalk with a couple of left over ears. Fortunately my wheaten terrier listened and I was able to get her leash on. The possum scampered away.

On March 11th, Dorothy from Scarborough, Ontario, said ..... Possums have been seen in Scarborough! My back door security light was triggered at about 5:00 am today. I looked out and saw a young Possum scrounging for food. My cat ran to the kitchen window for a better look. Sure enough it truly was a possum.

March 13th, Barb from Oakville reported ..... We have Two! We live in Oakville Ontario and yesterday I spotted a Possum in the garden shed. Today I spotted two Possums on top of our shed and one seems to have moved into the space under our shed. Maybe both have moved in. We did have a Possum live under our shed for four years, we would spot him on moonlit nights, but haven't seen him for a few years now.

On March 16th Edwin from Ajax spotted a Possum! He says ..... saw a Possum tonight near my home, crossing the street. I live in Ajax Ontario. This is my first sighting of a possum in this town.

Joe from Whitby said that on March 10th ..... Saw a Possum last night around midnight in our back yard.

Thank to all who take the time to write in and tell us about their animal encounters.

Hubby and I enjoy reading them so much and when we publish them on our website, I know that our readers enjoy them too!

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