Many Bald Eagles sighted

by Moxie, Tim, Barb & Steven, Wendy, Kim, Dave, Tiffany, Kim, Lindsay, Elizabeth, Dave
(London, Scarborough, Mississauga, Redickville, Port Stanley, Etobicoke, Port Elgin, Watford, Toronto, Hamilton Mountain, Fergus)

Soaring Bald Eagle

Soaring Bald Eagle


One of our readers wrote to say ... I was driving with my Dad going southbound on White Oak Road, close to/toward Manning Drive. We both saw one of those big guys very visibly. The car behind us had stopped to take pictures so let's hope something goes up soon. This was close to the garbage dumps in one of the trees. Beautiful animals.

I am familiar with the area you saw the Eagles – there is a nest a few kilometers south of there, if you head down Wonderland Rd toward St Thomas, then turn left onto Ron McNeil Line, you will see a huge nest in a stand of trees on your left. The Eagles raised young there again last year

Moxie wrote to say ... on April 24th at about 7:30 in the evening we were walking our dogs in a Scarborough Bluffs park. Walking quietly in a fir and pine treed area of the park, we heard a loud swooshing just above our heads. We looked up and about 15 - 20 ft above our heads was a massive dark brown bird. We watched it land on a pine perch and got a closer look. For about a minute we watched as it watched us. It had the classic raptor beak and lighter brown feathers, about 3 ft in length. It was an Eagle. No question. Watched it fly away again and it has dark was a Golden Eagle. In Scarborough. Very exciting!!!! Keep your eyes open, this bird looked like it knew the area ;) I wish I had pictures, but couldn't take my eyes off it for even a second as the moment was too precious.

Tim reported ... Bald Eagle sighting Nov. 27/2016 – Mississauga, driving along Lakeshore Road westbound towards Lorne Park area spotted a large Bald Eagle flying east/north-east towards the Credit River area. Prior sightings include – Oakville (Dec/2015), over Sixteen Mile Creek – a large Bald Eagle flew up from the valley flying directly in front of us over the middle lane of Highway 407 Eastbound...about 20 feet or so about the road...then turned and landed in a tree.
Royal Botanical Gardens (multiple times)...marsh area got some great pictures of the nest, two adults and two young eagles. The adult dove for a fish out of range of the camera...but flew right by us with a large carp in its talons and one of the young eagles flying beside it. What a sight to see and take a picture of. The eagles has changed their nesting sight to across the bay in behind the paths that wander from Main West in Hamilton.

Barb & Steven Hancock, Redickville, Ontario, Bald Eagle spotted north of Redickville off hwy 124. Barb and I were driving to Collingwood for a day trip. About noon hour Barb spotted the eagle perched in a tree just off the highway. We stopped to get a picture but he lifted off and flew north and out of sight. What a magnificent creature!!

Another reader wrote ... they've returned for the winter. Two large Bald Eagles return every year at this time to the same nest that is occupied by Osprey in the summer. We call the nest the Condo. The nest overlooks the lake. We very fortunate we can watch the birds from our front window all winter.

Wendy from Port Stanley ... This morning, November 9, 2016 I witnessed a lone bald eagle on the beach in Port Stanley. He was right on the beach and when he saw me he rose in all his magnificence and soared. I watched him for twenty minutes. He flew over the lake back and forth. Never returned to the beach. To reinforce this sighting was a bald eagle (who can confuse it) a hawk flew right over me.

Kim said ... possible Juvenile Bald Eagle in Cenntenial Park Etobicoke, Oct 2016, I saw this bird on two occasions within a week near the pond at Centennial Park sitting on a tree. It was large, light coloured head, but not white, brown body, breast with a mixed colouring. I watched it sitting for awhile and then it slowly flew away, wingspan 4-5 feet, no red tail. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera. Also I didn't pay attention to the beak or claws. I see a lot of red tail hawks around here and this bird was much larger so if it was a juvenile Red Tail Hawk it was the biggest one I ever saw. I am just going by pictures on the internet and am guessing it was a juvenile Bald Eagle. This was around the end 3rd week on October so I am wondering if there were any other sightings.

Dave Middleton, from Port Elgin, Ontario wrote to say ... On November 2, 2016 I saw a pair of Bald Eagles in trees beside the road. That was on Bruce Road 15, approximately 1 km east of Pinkerton, Ontario. They eventually took flight and flew into the tree cover.

Tiffany McPhail wrote to say ... I am a 34 year old that resides in Watford, Ontario and at about 10 am on October 17th 2016 I saw one lone Bald Eagle soaring gracefully over Churchill Line just south of Sexton Line. It was absolutely beautiful and the very first time I have ever witnessed one of these amazing creatures.

Kim wrote ... Oct 24, 2016. Area- Don Mills and Lawrence Toronto. At 1:15 pm, 20 bald eagles were flying in the sky, young and old. They flew eastward. This is disturbing for all pets and small wildlife in the area. They do not belong in the city, how do we get them out of the city? They look beautiful, and graceful but the city is not a place for them.

Lindsay, from Ontario Early Dec 2014, in was driving to work. north on Grey road 24, just before hwy 4 and saw a Bald eagle sitting clear as day in an old dead tree. Also, in Jan 2016, mid morning, at my parents in Hockley Valley, saw a huge bird in a tree over the river, as I got closer it flew away but I saw the yellow feet and huge white head.

Elizabeth wrote ... today January 1 2017 around 1 pm, a Bald Eagle was sighted from my backyard on East 18th St on Hamilton Mountain. The bird was soaring along the edge of the escarpment. Thrilling!

Dave Alexander said ... I saw a Bald eagle in Fergus today, being chased and pestered by other birds - very majestic sight to see this bird, hope to see it again

Thank you all for submitting these reports to us, I'm sure our readers will enjoy them as much as we did.

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