Maitland Falls Reserve Campground

Saturday April 21, 2013 - dusk - 7:30 p.m.

My husband was walking our two dogs (a Beagle and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) on the road in our campground when he heard something in the woods.

The King Charles ran into the woods and my husband heard "yelping" and saw our dog run with six Coyotes chasing him.

Our dog returned to our trailer barking and scratched on the door; I opened the door and he was shaking and ran in the trailer. Fortunately he was unscathed.

My husband and Beagle returned to the trailer and he said that the Coyotes headed out to the gravel pits.

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Walk in a larger Pack
by: Anonymous

That must have been pretty scarey for you. I walk to two dogs out in the bush myself. You are in the bush so they can run and be free. As for the comment about being careless not having your dogs on the leash. It is in no way endangering anyone else or wildlife. I understand though that Coyote numbers are going to increase with the offspring from late winter, so be extra cautious. Walking in a larger pack will help. Make sure to enjoy nature and learn to co exist with these beautiful guys.

by: Anonymous

Even though interesting, I find it rather
careless of you letting the dog loose in the woods.
For the sake of dog's safety or any other wild animal in the forest. I wonder why the dog yelped?
or was it a bark?

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