Lots of Vultures around

by Janusz, Marilyn, Louise, Cheryl, Tom, Wendy, Laura, Harpley
(Toronto, North Lancaster, Kingston, Fenelon Falls, Tweed, Oshawa, London, Chatham, Seaforth)

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Janusz from Toronto said ... I observed two large Turkey Vultures last May around 4 - 5 pm, circling the area northwest of Kipling/Dundas in the west end of Toronto. They eventually landed on the roofs of two houses across from me and later proceeded to eat something on the front lawn, perhaps a squirrel as they are plentiful in my neighbourhood. People walking dogs up and down the street did not scare them away until the meal was finished.

One of our readers wrote ... April 13, 6:17, seen from my apartment window (23rd floor), Toronto, Ontario. Two groups circling, one group of 3 individuals, two floors below the window, and one group of 4 individuals, two floors above the window. Each group circled for a minute, then mixed into one group stopped circling and sailed apart and out of sight.

Marilyn Mallet from North Lancaster wrote ... we have spotted one twice now eating a dead something on the side of the road. We have never seen any of them here. I live in North Lancaster, Ontario on 4th Line Road.

A reader from Kingston reported ... at 7.30 pm, May 21, a Turkey Vulture was walking in my front garden when my dog barked and frightened it into a tree. Have seen them at the waterfront but not in this neighbourhood before.

Louise from Fenelon Falls reported ... for the month of August last year we had Turkey Vultures circling our property just North of Fenelon Falls, Ontario, on Hwy 121. At first we thought they were hawks but upon a closer look discovered they are turkey vultures. There must have been around 20 birds. After many minutes of circling they all roost in a huge maple tree overlooking the large 1 acre pond in our back yard. We have hiked out onto the trails through our 100 acres but have not found any dead animals in the bush. There are fish and turtles in our spring fed pond but nothing dead. After living here for over 10 years this is the first time we have seen these turkey vultures so close and so many at that.

Cheryl from Tweed, Ontario, wrote ... Hi, we live in a small town in Eastern Ontario midway between Toronto and Ottawa. While we see turkey vultures daily in the warm months, I have never seen them in the winter, don't they usually migrate? While out for a walk on January 20th, we spotted 5 Turkey Vultures doing their classic spiral flight patterns, soaring high and riding the thermals. I've lived here all my life, in farm country and this sighting was a first for me.

Tom Sorlie from Oshawa wrote ... March 31st cycling down Minto Ct. Oshawa at about 7:30 pm, I sSpotted approx. 16 or more turkey vultures soaring in easy circular fashion at a fairly low elevation. At first not sure if I was seeing hawks but I could make out their distinctive small heads. Definitely Turkey Vultures with 5 to 6 foot wing spans. Lovely to watch and its the first time I've seen this in Southern Ontario. I often cycle with a camera, but unfortunately not this time. Quite the experience.

Wendy Hinton from London reported ... I live in Old South on Wortley Road. We are lucky to have many Turkey Vultures using the tall pine trees as landing places for their nightly flights. They are a show stopper for walkers along Wortley Road as they are hard to miss with their 6 foot wing span. They fly full force into the tops of the trees leaving large and small downy like feathers scattered all over lawns and the noise makes walkers look up. As ugly as they are, they are fascinating to watch. The group made fast work of the dead opossum on our front lawn. We enjoy watching them glide across the skies at the end of the day around 7 pm.

Laura from Chatham wrote ... while on my morning walk Thursday March 25th, at approximately 8:30 a.m. I was walking down Victoria Avenue and spotted about 20 Turkey Vultures all perched, about 20 feet high in Maple trees. I have never seen Turkey Vultures in our area. We usually have many crows in this same area.

Harpley from Seaforth said ... they like flying all around town. They seem to like to rest in a very tall, thick tree between the backyards of John St and Goderich St. Lovely to watch.

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