Lots of Coyotes

by Amanda, Maureen, Linda, Monique, Bernie, Barbara, Janice, Robin, June, Jane, Chris,
(Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville, Fort Erie, Burlington, Woodstock, London, Brantford, Uxbridge, Port Colbourne, Toronto, Bowmanville)

Amanda from Brampton wrote to report ... Just now while getting back in my car after a walk; I noticed a "dog" running off leash across the far side of the baseball diamond. Then another and then another! Needless to say that it became very clear to me that they were not dogs but, Coyotes when they crossed the lit walking path. The very same spot in which I had been moments before! This was at Donnelly East Park in Brampton, Ontario.

Maureen McDonagh-Vella wrote to tell us about an injured Coyote in Central Etobicoke ... Driving down Trehorn by Metro and Scarlett Heights \ Hilltop, a Coyote with major wounds to back and legs was running along the street. It went down Tallonn, then Woodpark, right into a gateway that leads to Father Serra elementary school just before recess. I Called all emergency numbers and school to inform them, then I lost visual. It looked sick, hurt and confused.

Linda from Oakville told us ... While out for a drive mid afternoon on Novemer 15, 2015; my husband and I spotted a blonde coloured Coyote. It was travelling North on Chartwell Road with a black Squirrel in its mouth. It was very much aware of us watching. A pedestrian came around a corner and the Coyote gave him a wide berth and continued on its way. It appeared to be in excellent condition.

Monique wrote to tell us ... I live near some bushy areas in Fort Erie, Ontario and my backyard is not fenced in like both my neighbours. My boyfriend was looking through the sliding doors and tells me to be super quick and come look. He also started asking me where my cat was. It was around 4 pm. There was a beautiful Coyote just standing in my backyard looking at us startled. When my boyfriend opened the door the Coyote fled off through the backyard, and back out into the bush across the street. My cat was up in a tree in the neighbours yard, thank god!

Bernie from Burlington wrote to report ... I have video of a Coyote in my backyard around 5:30 pm, I have small children and a small dog, there are a few of them around, we see them almost everyday now. At night you can hear howling nearby, very loud and haunting. There are a lot of small kids in the area, I am surprised the city has not relocated them yet. This has been going on for more then 2 years now. What will it take for the city to act? I am worried some small child we be attacked or worse.

The problem is, even if they are re-located, they would probably find their way back to where they are now - urban sprawl is spreading into areas where the Coyotes live, and they are smart animals and have learned to adapt and live beside us.

Barbara wrote to say ... I live on Lansdowne Ave, Woodstock, Ontario. Yesterday I saw a Coyote cross the road in front of our house and hurry along the sidewalk going North. It had a very poor coat, looked like it had mange. The date was 3 Jan 2016. I noticed it hesitated when crossing the busy road to make sure there was no traffic coming which made me realize how intelligent they are. I think the time was around noon.

Janice wrote to tell us about her Coyote sighting in London ... We were heading home on January 16, 2016 at 9:00 pm and turned onto Jackson Road off of Commissioners and there was an animal standing in the middle of the road. We slowed down and looked closer and realized it was a Coyote. Then it walked off the road and stared at us from the side of the road, then just kept walking along the side. Just an FYI in case you live in the area...

Robin from Brantford reported
... Driving along Guelph Line heading towards Lowville, we just turned off of Hwy 5, and we spotted a gorgeous looking Coyote in the middle of a wide open farmers field. He was nudging at the ground but then as he took a step we immediately noticed he was limping. Such a heartbreaking thing to see, knowing there was nothing we could do, except pray hard for this poor little creature :( I love to photograph nature as we explore this awesome area, but this was one time I do not wish to remember a particular sighting.

June from Uxbridge said ... This morning at breakfast we saw 2 Coyotes down near our pond. They were quite healthy looking specimens. Later at lunch we saw them again. We live on 50 acres and breed Golden Retrievers. I do have a concern now when I see these Coyotes out during the daytime. Would they attack the dogs?

I'm no Coyote expert, but I would keep an eye on your dogs - if there is abundant wild prey available, they will probably leave your dogs alone, but in winter when food is scarce, your dogs could be in danger - especially any puppies.

Jane from Port Colborne said ... It was 3:00 am on March 24 2016, I was standing on my upper deck when I watched a Coyote run around the corner of Barrick Road and traveled south on Steele Street, then turned and ran through the grassed area beside my home. This is the third time of seeing a Coyote within the last 6 months in the same area.

March 2016 Chris wrote to say ... The Coyotes are everywhere, on the street, on front lawns on Baby Point in Toronto and surrounding streets. They are not afraid of humans so even shouting, flailing arms will not scare them. My 60 lb dog can sense their presence getting fidgety and restless in their presence. We watched a pack of 4 Coyotes take down a deer. Any outdoor cats in the area have been taken. I see signs of more and more missing dogs posted close by and I can only think it is as a result of Coyotes. They grab squirrels out of the trees. I no longer walk my dog down my street because I am uncomfortable. I have talked to countless people whose dogs have been attacked. The Coyote situation in my neighborhood is out of control.

One of our readers wrote ... My property backs onto a larger forest north of Toronto here, and the Coyotes are super super active. My dog and I even chased away two Coyotes in the middle of the night the other day because my dog would not stop barking at them. They have been moving right to the very edge of the forest on their routes between a ridge and a corn field. They have beautiful grey coats and I usually see a pair but sometimes three of them. Though I am very active in the area, but I haven't found where they live. Two of the times, when I was out in the yard trying to capture a picture, one of them stands up proud and stares me in the eyes from about 100 feet away. I suspect it is the same one, although there is no way to tell because the second time it was night and all I could see was his glowing eyes in my headlamp shine. I suspect he is the breeding male.

One of our readers said ... February 13, 2016 - A Coyote cruised through our backyard this morning. Our backyard is open to a farmers field. We live in the Mearns Avenue / Apple Blossom Boulevard area of Bowmanville.

One of our readers from Toronto reported seeing two Coyotes ... They were running up the streets in the neighbourhood, not troubled by the cars. This was at Lawrence Avenue and Scarlett Road, October 2015.

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