Lots of Coyotes

by Pedro, Sheila, Jennifer
(Milton, Oakville, Toronto, Ridgeway)

Pedro from Milton told us ..... I was just woken up (3:30 a.m. February 4th, 2015) by the creepy howl of two coyotes behind the fence of my backyard. They were hunting rabbits. Near Main and Scott Boulevard. They were two full size adult Coyotes. They were in the path where typically people walk their dogs. After they finished their rabbit meal, the kept on going near a pond +-300 yards. I am wondering if they are breeding or could it be a Coy-wolf? I saw the video of the Coyotes howling, and these two where not yipping, rather howling more like a Wolf with a very high pitch.

Sheila from Oakville wrote to say - I was walking a 100 lb Golden Retriever in the forest approaching the gravel pathway leading from the parkette to a viaduct to 8th line when I saw what I thought was a large German Sheppard off leash. I expected to see an owner not far behind the animal & when I didn't I realized the large bushy tail that I saw belonged to a Coy-wolf. I have seen much smaller Coyotes in this forest which has a parking lot on 9th line S. off Upper Middle Rd. This animal was large, strong & very healthy looking. My Golden Retriever gave chase & the Coyote trotted off the pathway & into the forest. Luckily my Golden came back with my whistle blowing & yelling. This was on Sat. Jan 31 at 2:30pm.

Jennifer from Toronto reported ..... I was walking my husky dog on the off-leash trail at about 6:30 pm today in High Park and I saw what I thought were two other dogs coming down the ravine. I didn't see an owner with them, and then realized based on their size and shape, I thought wow those aren't dogs! My own dog then got the scent and took off through a hole in the fence after them. He disappeared into the brush and I then heard a couple yelps from him, which was some kind of encounter he had with them. I was lucky he came running back when I called and there were no injuries. I feel lucky he didn't get hurt!

One of our readers wrote to say ..... I live in Ridgeway, part of Fort Erie and I have Coyotes through my yard regularly. I have seen them run past me on my deck in the evening and run around the farm across the street. I have pets but they're indoor, my dogs are also house pets, but I have chickens, a rabbit and 4 goats and have never had an issue. We see them out here all the time, in fact this past spring there was a den of pups very close to our yard and we are surrounded by woods.

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