Lots of Coyote Sightings

by Meaghan, Kathy Leger, K Campbell, Melanie, SMB, Abe, Karen, Bev, Christopher
(London, Port Hope, St Catharines, Kitchener, Scarborough, Burlington, Barrie)

One of our readers from London wrote ... Last night (August 19/15) shortly after 10 pm at the Commissioners Road & Springbank Drive intersection, I was waiting at a red light to proceed on Commissioners and go up Snake Hill to Westmount and I saw what I thought was a dog up ahead at the base of the hill. The light turned green and I approached slowly and came to a stop - it just looked at me and it wasn't a dog. It was carrying a rabbit in its mouth and had a fox/wolf-like face, was significantly taller (especially leg-wise) than a fox, was blonde, and had a long, thick, fluffy tail with darker markings on it. I thought, that's a Coyote. I had heard news stories and of other sightings but hadn't seen one in person before. After looking at images online, I'm certain that's what it was. After a moment it just walked away crossing the other side of the street and I went on my way.

Kathy Leger reported her sighting of a Coyote in broad daylight ... I was in a park that we have gone to numerous times before. I was throwing a ball to my 20 pound Maltipoo. Suddenly out of nowhere a Coyote appeared. It was one o'clock in the afternoon. My dog ran after the Coyote despite my screams of him to return. My dog then began to come to me and the Coyote came after her. I was beyond petrified. I promptly picked up my dog with the Coyote following us fairly close. I yelled and screamed at the Coyote to no avail. I then remembered I had another ball in my pocket. When I threw the ball at the Coyote it turned and ran away. What a terrifying experience this was. I will never, ever return to that park again. The park was in a corner of two busy streets.

K. Campbell from Port Hope reported hearing Coyotes "conversing" ... For the past few nights, and occasionally over the past few months, we have heard Coyotes carrying on in the ravine adjacent to our house. I managed to record this chorus, it lasted for only about one minute, and I heard something moving through the brush just prior to them starting up. Last summer, a single Coyote would come across the yard, not bother with the wild rabbits or squirrels , and disappear again into the forested area. I assume there was a den nearby. The Coyote never appeared aggressive and looked very healthy. I rather enjoyed seeing it, and hearing them recently.

Melanie wrote to say ... I saw a Coyote run across Glendale Ave in St. Catharines this morning on my way to work. It was close to the GM plant. There is a lot of
green space left there, would make sense. I saw a raccoon a few days before cross the road around the same place. The Coyote was a good size, at first I thought a Wolf.

S.M.B. from Kitchener wrote to tell us ... on Tuesday February 16, 2016, 9 am I had the privilege of witnessing a beautiful very large healthy Coyote just as I was exiting Homer Watson Boulevard through the underpass at Huron Road. What an amazing sight because the last one I had witnessed on Shoemaker had a severe case of mange.

One of our readers from Scarborough reported her Highland Creek sighting ... February 6, 2016, I saw a Coyote about 7:30 pm this evening. It walked out of the ravine brush behind our house. It stopped dead still when it saw us, then walked back into the brush.

Abe wrote to tell us about his encounter with a proud, contemptuous Coyote ... Walking at the top of the Scarborough Bluffs near the Guildwood Inn on a summer evening, a Coyote came trotting by just a few feet from the trail, totally disdainful of my presence. In fact, I am certain he gave me a cold, disdainful look, as if to say "What are you doing here? I do not recall granting you permission into my domain." I was taken aback by this cold reception.

Karen from Burlington had a scary encounter ... They wanted my small dog which is a mix of a poodle and a Sheltie. These Coyotes were not scared of me, they were getting closer trying to get my dog. I screamed loud and grabbed a piece of wood I found and start hitting the ground scare them. They would not leave!! Finally some lady driving on Lakeshore stopped and started honking to scared them. She also screamed and told me to get in her car. I ran and got in her car and she drove me home. Thank God I got away...I think they would have attacked me and taken my dog! This was 6 am January 16, Cumberland Drive and Lakeshore Road E in Port Credit.

Bev from Allandale Heights, Barrie, wrote to say ... Two sightings this spring on our street which backs onto a small ravine. The first time we saw the Coyote it had a rabbit dangling from its mouth. The ravine where is seems to be living is very small and is surrounded by Hwy 400 to the west and homes and plaza on the other boundaries.

Christopher wrote to say ... I live in south Barrie, Ontario and I heard what must have been at least 10 Coyotes behind my fence. They were all screaming and howling it was very eerie. My fence backs on to Caplan Drive. This was around 9 pm March 18 2016.

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