Lots of Big Cat Sightings

by Paul S, Zelda, Jennifer, F. Roual, Peter, Chris L, HorsemanRobb, Roger Mountainie, Lisa, Linda, Anthony C,
(Manitoulin Island, Scarborough, Thorndale, Stratford, Corunna, Clarksburg, Porcupine, Barrie, Mississauga, Alliston, Ear Falls)

Paul Sprague wrote ... in April 2021 I was laying awake at 2:00 am in my RV at the Providence Bay camp ground on the south shore of Manitoulin Island where I was working clearing trees. I heard something hit the ground outside the RV similar to a large a piece or cord wood hitting the ground. Immediately I heard the crying of a rabbit in distress followed immediately by the scream of a large cat. Definitely much, much larger and louder than a house cat. The next morning I searched around the immediate area for a kill site but found nothing. It was suggested I was dreaming but that was not the case as I had been awake for quite a while. The scream of this cat sent a chill through me.

Zelda wrote ... I live in Scarborough, Greencrest and Lawrence area and have seen two Big Cats. I couldn't believe my eyes. On two occasions around 4.00 am, they passed by my balcony.


Jennifer wrote ... last Sunday, my daughters and I were driving home to Thorndale when a large cat crossed the road right in front of our vehicle. It was near the intersection of Dundas and Fairview, right before the train track crossing. We don't know what large cat it was specifically. (Cougar, Lynx or Bobcat) Once it crossed the road it immediately went into hiding in the bushes within the ditch. We waited a while in our van but it didn't reappear. Wow, my daughter lives in Thorndale and has mentioned hearing Coyotes but I'll suggest that she keeps her eyes open for Big Cats!

F Roual from Stratford said ... while driving, I saw two large Bobcats climbing up a steep hill. When they reached the top, the one laid down for a minute, turned its head to view the area. They were huge. They had white down the front of them. They were stopped maybe 30 seconds, then continued out of sight. This was Rosedale Road, North Dumfries.

Peter from Corunna wrote ... I was cutting grass on a pipeline near Corunna, Ontario, with tractor and bush hog in a heavy wooded area, the big cat crossed my path with large leaps about 150 ft in front of me. It was between 80 lbs and 100 lbs and I could not believe my eyes! It was a nice sight to see, and it made my day.

Chris L from the Clarksburg area wrote ... we live in the Grey Bruce area and we were driving our 4/4 in the back hilly and forested area of our farm and when we came around a corner we saw what looked like a cougar. It was brownish with an almost black long tail cross our path in a hurry. I have lived here since the sixties and seen fox, muskrat, beaver and deer but never a big cat, it was an incredible sight.

Horsemanrobbie wrote ... I believe I saw a Cougar in Porcupine, outside Timmins, back in November around 8:00 pm. It ran across the road and up a disused train track. I spent several years in Timmins but wasn't lucky enough to see a Cougar! I did see bears at the dump and a Wolf once.

Lisa from Barrie wrote ... on the evening of Sept 15th, I was driving between Innisfil and Barrie on Mapleview Rd. It was already dark, but very clearly in front of me crossed a big cat. Not sure if it was a cougar or lynx, but it crossed the road very confidently. It crossed fairly close to a Barrie neighbourhood. This was definitely a cat and not a coyote which is very common in the area.

Linda from Mississauga wrote ... I saw a way bigger than normal sized house cat with very thick gray fur and very scruffy. It was very muscular like a Bob cat or Lynx. It was walking along the retaining wall which is about 4 ft. tall. By the time I got my phone to take a picture it was gone. This was in the month of August. The area is around the QEW, Mississauga Road and Credit River area. This was a while ago but is still on my mind!
Anthony C wrote to report ... we live in Alliston, Ontario in a heavily populated subdivision, none the less you can say that we live in a rural town (less than 5000 people). On April 20th a approximately 5:00 am my wife and I were sitting on the porch when we noticed that a bunny rabbit had been hit by a car. It was lying in the middle of the road. It had obviously been killed as there was no movement at all. As we were getting ready to go back inside the house we noticed this big grey cat hovering over the rabbit it stood still over the rabbit sniffing it for what seemed like an eternity but what surprised me was that it literally had all four legs hovering over that poor rabbit. Then we watched it pickup the rabbit by the neck and drag its prey away down the street as normal as day and simply disappeared. The cat was grey in colour with a dark ringed rail approximately 20 lbs but I tried to look for the tufts of fur on the cats ears ie a lynx we could not see them due to the dark. It was not a mountain cat but I can not say for sure whether it was a lynx or a bobcat either way I have never seen a wildcat before in our neighbourhood I just assumed we were too far south to have Wildcats in our neighbourhood but sure enough there was one right there it surprised both of us.

Roger Mountain reported ... I spotted this cougar this morning around 10:00 am on a woods road north of Ear Falls, Ontario, tail about 4 feet long, brown with a light tinge of grey along his back, guessed he would weigh around 70-80 lbs, very slick fur, body close to 4 feet or maybe five feet long, many rabbit tracks and partridge in area, probably gonna hang around for winter. I stopped and took foot prints in snow, but he jumped about 10 feet over the snow bank and was gone in a few seconds.

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