Lots more Ontario Bald Eagles

by Randy Keating, Don Alonzo, Gina, Judy V, Brent Clarke, Michael, Barbara, Justin, Bill Harrison, Trish, Quinn
(Oil Springs, Sparrow Lake, Mississauga, London, Mount Brydges, Strathroy, Dorchester, Hamilton, Merlin, Hillsburgh, St Thomas, Haliburton)

Ontario Bald Eagle

Ontario Bald Eagle

Randy Keating from Oil Springs reported ... This morning we woke to TWO beautiful majestic Bald Eagles in our pasture. At first we notice just one, and minute's later the mate showed up. There are now perched in a big oak tree, about two hundred meters away. Sorry, can't get close enough for pictures. They are located on Oil Springs Line, between Marthaville Rd. and Plowing Match Rd. in Enniskillen Twp.

Don Alonzo wrote to tell us ... Kayaking on Sparrow Lake today, I saw an Eagle take flight in front of me. It soared around in circles like a Buzzard would. Flew back over us and disappeared over the tree line. Several hours later kayaking back to our car I spotted the Bald Eagle in a tree close to shore next to its huge nest. Very majestic and I captured several nice photos. Not uploaded yet. Seemed like there might have been 2 nests in 2 trees with one much larger than the other.

Gina from Mississauga reported ... Beautiful crisp cool morning this morning, April 23rd, out for a row with my crews at the Don Rowing Club in Mississauga on the Credit River. As we were turning our boat around during training, one of the crew members had seen a large bird fly overhead and perch itself in a tree by the river. He was astounded to see that it was an eagle and tried to point it out to the rest of us. It was hard to find amongst the brown leafless trees, but eventually we all got a sighting. It was magnificent. Not sure where it was heading, but we certainly were blessed to have had that opportunity this morning. The last time I had a sighting of an Eagle was in Wasaga Beach area during a hike two springs ago.

Was just woken up to the sound of what I thought were the Christmas lights on my balcony falling as I heard something clang off the glass. I got up, first went to the washroom, came back to check and saw both cats peering intently out the balcony door (just their heads, bodies inside as I leave it open a few inches for fresh air). I peaked out and there was a huge bald eagle perched on the corner. I live on the 20th floor apt. Building in downtown London, Ontario. I was startled! I grabbed the one cat by the scruff of the neck because when I had peaked my head out, he went out more and the Eagle did not move. It was as big as the cat, with a huge beak, staring down at the cat and then up at me. About 5 seconds of this and it hopped backwards gracefully soaring off North in the foggy night. I could see then the back of its white head, white tuft and long wing span. Beautiful! This just happened at 4:19 am March 12th. Still in awe.

Judy V from Mount Brydges said ... over the last 2 years we have noticed Bald Eagles

flying over our farm - they are mature with the white heads - there are 2 nests near the Thames River about 2 miles form here. Lately we have spotted immature Eagles as large as adults but brown with mottled white and yesterday (Mar 10/2016)one was perched atop a dead pine tree for at least 15 minutes about 300 yards from our house and barn. He flew off gracefully - likely after a rodent in the field. It was windy and raining so I didn't get a picture but will be ready next time!

Brent Clarke from Strathroy wrote to say ... My wife and I spotted two Bald Eagles in a tree at the old gravel pit on Ilderton Road between Coldstream Road and the Narin Road. There were 2 at this location last year.

Michael from London wrote to report ... Today we spotted an adult Bald Eagle flying overhead in the vicinity of Bradley and Pond Mills Road. Tomorrow we are going to mountain bike around the ponds there to locate its nest. We also saw one by Wellington Road and Wilkins Street a few months ago.

From Dorchester, Barbara recently reported ... We saw this amazing raptor flying over the millpond in Dorchester, Ontario, this was on March 27th, as we were enjoying the sunshine out on our deck.

Justin from Hamilton, Ontario wrote to say ... I was on my way home with my wife driving along York Street about to hop onto the 403 Toronto bound, when we saw the Bald Eagle (unmistakable) perched up high in one of the trees overlooking the lake.

One of our readers says ... We have had a pair of Bald Eagles visiting in May, sitting in a large tree on the lake bank for two years now. I am hoping they return again this year. This Pair often visit our farm on Lake Erie lake shore near Merlin town line.

Bill Harrison from Hillsburgh, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... Sunday afternoon April 9th 2016, flying (soaring)over Guelph Lake around three o'clock. Within a three hour period I had the pleasure of seeing two Ospreys, one Northern Harrier and of course the two Bald Eagles. What a great day!!!!!!!

One of our readers wrote to tell us about their sighting ... Driving yesterday and saw two Bald Eagles flying over the Queen Elizabeth Way by Mountain Road, this was on April 9 2016. Awesome!

Trish from St Thomas recently reported ... I've seen a pair of Bald Eagles at the top of the hill coming into Port Bruce on Dexter Line. Also down in Port Bruce at the pier, to the left there is a big cliff, you can see them sitting among the top of the trees on the cliff. What a beautiful graceful bird.

Quinn from Haliburton wrote to tell us of his sighting in Orillia ... Saw a single Bald Eagle flying along hwy 12 around 2 pm on March 2nd. It was flying with lunch in its talons being chased by 2 seagulls. It flew over a neighbourhood and then out over Lake Simcoe.

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Adults and Juvenile Bald Eagles
by: Anonymous

Saw 12 Bald Eagles between Chatham and Leamington in one day.

Bald Eagles along the 401
by: Anonymous

Driving From Guelph to Woodstock on Saturday and also saw a Bald Eagle Back in November, west of London also off the 401.

Bald Eagle at Percy Lake
by: Matt

Witnessed a Bald Eagle on Percy Lake, Haliburton, Ontario, trying to scoop a dead fish from the surface of the lake while a pesky seagull chased it off and would not allow the Eagle to take the fish.

Bald Eagle spotted at Bruce Beach near Kincardine
by: David

I spotted a Bald Eagle yesterday flying off the shore at Bruce Beach.

by: Brian

In Port Severn, Waubaushene, Midland, all the way up to Parry Sound.

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