London Ontario Sighting

by Phil
(London, Ontario)

Near dusk last week, I witnessed a single Coyote in South West London, Ontario.

It looked at me (was walking my small dogs) curiously, and as I made a noise, it dashed into the woods in the Colonel Talbot / Southdale Road area.

It was brown / tan in colour, and also was too big for a Fox.

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Killed my cat in her own backyard
by: John Wilson

I have been hearing the unmistakable yipping periodically for the first time this year in Highland Woods, London. It has been concerning us since we have the most beautiful joyful outdoor cat there ever was. But she is predictable, and when she did not return home after two nights, we went looking. It didn't take long this morning to find two big areas of fur just a few feet back of our yard which backs on to the Woods. No corpse, no blood, but the amount of fur was alarming considering the small size of the cat. We can only conclude our beloved Lucy was surprised from the side or behind in her own backyard and could not fight hard enough to escape.

North Lambeth / SW London
by: Anonymous

I often hear Coyotes at dusk, but I've not seen one yet, the yipping is very distinguishable from the neighbourhood dogs.

I live near Pack Rd and Colonel Talbot Road and there are some wooded areas south of me.

I hope they don't start looking for garbage to eat...

by: Anonymous

Coyotes have moved into our neighborhood here in Essex County. We now have an enclosed cat run because they have been snatching domesticated pets in our area.

We have spotted them, not only in our neighborhood but in our backyard. They howl like crazy between 1:30 and 3:00 am. They can be seen walking along the side of the roads in daylight.

Because of their overpopulation in the area the search for food is intense. They are losing their human fears.

Sad all around.

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