Little Britain Possum

by David
(Manilla, Ontario, Canada)

Sighted in Little Britain 2 miles west on my rural property, this animal was slow moving, it just backed up and hissed whilst I was shining my flash light on it.

I am concerned whether they are as damaging to property as Racoons and are they going to try to break into ones roof, by tearing off the roof soffits or even roof shingles.

Are they known to be damaging to flower beds, and I'm more concerned about vegetable gardens; as a gardener, I will not be as friendly toward them, if that is the case.


Hi David, I don't think that Possums are destructive, certainly not like Raccoons. You'll likely hardly know they are around. We have had one now and again, living under our front porch steps and we hardly ever see him, and he is no trouble ..... a pretty good neighbour in fact!

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Follow up litte Britain Possum
by: David

Thanks for the info on our little visitor. I'll give him \ her some space. I hope they don't breed on the property as they can have litters as many as 13. I hope my cats act as a deterrent, but probably not. They bring home shrews, and small birds to show off.

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