Learn the Real Facts

by Jan
(Peterborough, Ontario)

I live outside of Peterborough, Ontario, and there are a few Coyote families living in the area. What disturbs me is that there are groups of hunters who hunt these animals in the winter using hounds.

As in the cities, dogs must be controlled and hunters must get permission from property owners to, not only run their dogs on private property but also to hunt. Well, many hunters don't do this and the majority of them who I've encountered don't get permission and this includes other types of hunters (deer, etc.). Many people are threatened verbally, etc. by hunters who can have guns in hand.

In my area this has been going on for over 50 years and these "men" tell anyone who objects to them doing illegal things on private property various things: "We've been here longer than you have so we have more rights". (Their families have been here 50, 100+ years.), "What are you gonna do about it?" or "You can't stop us.", etc. These men also use excuses like the Coyotes are going after whole herds of cattle and are killing adult cows and bulls.

The only bull is coming out of their mouths.

These hunters run their dogs across major roads during the day, including when school buses are taking children to and from school.

It's a dangerous situation all around and you can forget about MNR helping. They will actually tell people that the hunters are doing them a favour by going after Coyotes, etc. These hunters are breaking numerous laws and just laugh at
people. Both MNR and the local Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters will tell people that only a few hunters do this. Well, not from what I've learned from numerous people living not only in our area but other places too. The only people trying to help are the Police.

I'm originally from the Toronto area and didn't know that you can hunt right up to city boundaries in my area. My area is also more built up now than a few years ago with more traffic on the roads. But this doesn't stop these fools.

Some people believe that Coyote numbers can be controlled by killing them. That isn't true and information can be found on the net. It's the opposite that happens, with more pups being born.

I've read here that people are afraid of Coyotes and want rid of them. You have to use common sense like in any situation and keep pets and children safe. You wouldn't put your pets or children out on the 401 and leave them there! You have to do the same thing when there is a possibility of a wild animal being in your area.

Please go to the following site and see what really happens when hunters go after Coyotes. Coyote Information Site

This also happens with wolves which have disappeared from our area, due to former generations slaughtering them. The Coyote wouldn't be in many areas that it's now in if wolves hadn't been exterminated.

It's about time that people educate themselves and get rid of the "big, bad wolf" theory.

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