Late Night Spook

by Eric
(Acton, Ontario, Canada)

Me and my buddy were off for a midnight stroll on the side roads around Acton & Limehouse.

We both heard howling gradually getting louder as we made our way into Limehouse.

Coming out of Limehouse it was apparent that we were being followed.

It got to the point where me and my buddy were quite spooked.

I did see a large canine(which I believe to be a Wolf), and upon seeing, it growled at me and my buddy. After the growling me and my buddy ran off.

Since then, I've heard Wolf-like howls on occasions.

I do have experience with Wolves from camping in Northern Ontario.

However, I would be careful to make the assumption that it what occurred was Wolves.

Thanks for sending this to us. I will also post this on our facebook page.


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