Late for work!

by Laura
(Beachville, Ontario, Canada)

Laura, one of our readers from Beachville, Ontario, tells us about her sighting of a Bald Eagle ... As I drove the same road to work that I do almost every day, I saw what looked like Turkey Vultures in the distance.

Then I realized, that it is only in the summer that I see the vultures.

I got a little closer and had to pull the car over so I would stop swerving. Then this big white tail and head appeared clearly - I knew it was not a hawk or owl.

I was not sure what kind of bird they were, so I sat for about ten minutes until they were out of sight.

I was late for work, but I was sure it was a Bald Eagle, but I have never in my life seen one. Now that I have read a little more, I know that is what I saw.

Beachville, Ontario.

Thank you Laura for your submission to our website - the picture above is a close up of a Bald Eagle, clearly showing the white head

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