Large Coyote Tom Chater Park

by Mandy
(Mississauga, Ontario )

October 25th 2011, two of our readers wrote to tell us about a large animal they saw in Mississauga

Mandy says -
There was a large Coyote spotted running across soccer field at 7:40 am Tom Chater park in Mississauga.

I was amazed at how large it was!

Probably it's back was 3 feet high, bigger than 90% of dogs I see

Another readers also saw a large Coyote in the same park - This morning at 7:40 am I was walking my 30 pound dog along a pathway beside one 3 forest spaces along Tom Chater park, Mississauga, Ontario.

A man with a larger dog informed me that an animal, possibly a Coyote was dipping in and out of the woods. We proceeded past together, and when out in the open, passing the soccer field.

The man pointed across the field. I immediately saw a very large, beautiful, tall and healthy animal bounding along the other side of the soccer field.

I was amazed by it's size and beautiful fluid motion.

As it disappeared the man stated he couldn't believe it's size. He said he has seen a number of Coyotes, usually looking more mangy. This animal was so tall, looked like hip to waist high, much larger than any of the dogs I usually see...

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Coyotes back in Tom Chater
by: Preacher's Mom

The coyotes are apparently back at Tom Chater Park after all but disappearing for quite some time. Notices posted around the park this morning warning residents and pet owners of a fatal attack in early August. A dog was taken according to the owner from right beside him. With many businesses shut down, and garbage reduced due to covid closures, more and more wildlife is wandering into residential areas in search of food. In order to live harmoniously together (and we must) please stay out of the park at dusk and dawn. Keep your pets leashed at all times and do not let cats outside!

Coyote in Tom Chater Park
by: Anonymous

I just saw a Coyote walking on pathway in park - it spotted me and stared our way as I had my two small dogs with me - did I stick around? NO WAY! He was big and scruffy - at 6:30 pm ...

Coyote Seen Beside Tom Chater Park
by: Anonymous

Over the last several months I have been hearing barking and howling in the tree lot next to Tom Chater Park.

It was not until yesterday night at 1:30 am that the Coyote emerged from the tree lot and barked and howled for a good minute or two.

Looks healthy and was quite large 2-3 feet tall.

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