Large Black Cat Sighting

by Cara
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

When walking my small dog on a Sunday afternoon last summer,at 12:45 pm, I saw this black large cat beside the path.

It was sitting, looking out at the pond. I thought it was strange that it noticed me and didn't flee, as cats normally do. I stopped to take a closer look to see the size of it, I picked up my pup and gave her treats to quiet her. The "cat" was large, jet black, shiny and sleek. It was sitting on top of a sewer lid, in between trees, and tall grass surrounding the pond, but just beside the sidewalk of the path we were walking.

It turned, and looked at us back and forth a few times, with it's green eyes. I snapped a pic of it quickly, then fled, as I was certain now, that this wasn't as ordinary black cat!

That evening, on a walk with my 2 friends, we went back to the exact spot the cat was. I stepped onto the sewer lid, to where the cat was sitting. We compared the picture to the the setting. Where the cat reached, was 3 ft tall!!!

After doing some research, I came across a Star article, that said back in 2008, an older couple separated, and had 3 exotic pets: 2 cougars and a black panther. The man later released them into the wild, unable to care for them.

I am convinced that this was the animal I saw: a black panther.

Certainly, I am grateful, it did not attack my dog while I lurked for a while.

I consider myself lucky to have had the encounter in many ways!

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