Large Bird, Huge Nest

by Dave
(London, Ontario, Canada )

Cell phone pic, zoom in and you can see the nest

Cell phone pic, zoom in and you can see the nest

Today I witnessed a large bird of prey carrying what I thought at first was a snake, turns out it was a stick about 3.5 ft long, it actually dropped the stick before he made it to a massive nest at the very top of telecommunications tower in east London.

Not sure the species it was dark large wing span, wasn't a Turkey Vulture. It looked like an Eagle of some kind.

Thanks for your report of your sighting, Dave, this is really interesting for those of us who live in the London area - I wonder if it could be a Bald Eagle, as I know there are some nesting in the Fanshawe Park area.

Perhaps one of our readers might know ......

I will also post this on our facebook page so more of our readers can enjoy your pictures.

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Think it's an Osprey
by: Lisa Birtch

Hi! Just seeing this now - I hope you still check the website.

What time of year was it?

Is the bird around all year?

Ospreys are more likely to build nests in this type of location than Eagles are. Eagles are a little more shy and don't tend to leave themselves so visible.

There is another Osprey nest that I know of in London that is at the top of a light standard at a busy ball diamond - they had babies in it last summer (2010)

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