Landons Bay, Lansdowne, Ontario

by Ted M
(Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada)

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Juvenile Bald Eagle

August 1, 2009

This is a secluded bay off the St Lawrence River.

Two birds were seen today, an adult and a smaller one, still with mottling on its head.

Both birds perched in a tree on the west side of the bay. The adult flew off while juvenile remained on the perch.

The adult returned a short time later then flew further into the forest, out of sight.

The juvenile stayed for over two hours before flying off northward at water level, and out of our view.

This is the third sighting this week with the birds seen in the vicinity several times since May.

The area has a strong Osprey population as well.

Thank you for your submission Ted, this is very interesting, and I think you are fortunate indeed to live somewhere where you can see Bald Eagles like this.

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by: Anonymous

How lucky to get that photo, beautiful.
Kaye,North Bay,On

by: Anonymous

That must have been exciting to watch and the picture is so clear.

Have a good day.

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