Lake House Stables

(Brooklin, Ontario, Canada)

Lake House Stables is a great place to lesson and board your horse.

It is a fun and friendly environment, focused around the best equine.

See their website for more info - Lake House Stables

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You tell them Barbie!
by: Steve G

You tell 'em Barbie! YOU get to decide what goes on the web site. When Anon gets a web site of his own he can decide what goes on it but till then .....

Some people are so rude
by: Marjorie

Some people are so rude - it is no business of Anon's what you put on your website - he/she needs to mind his/her own business! My husband and I read your website and enjoy it very much. Thank you for spending your time and money making this site for people to enjoy, and ignore the rude ones!

No ads please!
by: Anon

Lake House Stables????? This is an outdoor/wild life page. Not a place to advertise your business.

Hello Anon,

I think I need to clarify something for you - this website is called "Discover Southern Ontario" and we do have a section called "Horseback Riding in Southern Ontario" where I (the owner of this website), invite people to share their horse riding stories and favourite stables, as the person who submitted this report did.

My website does have a lot of information about the Nature and Wildlife of this area, but it isn't specifically about wildlife, it is about whatever topic I choose it to be about, which I think will be of interest to my readers!

I thanked the person who wrote about Lake House Stables for writing to us, owner or not, because the more information I publish for my readers, the better, and I added the link to their website.

This website was started by me in 2006 and I am the one who checks each and every submission, and only after my approval are the comments published, and I approved the one above.

Barbara (Webmistress)

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