Kincardine, Ontario

by Jane Nielsen
(Lucknow, Ontario, Canada)


Small towns are generally friendly. You can usually find this out right on the main street of any small town - people will smile or say "hello" even if they don't recognise you.

What is even more pleasant is if you ask for directions, they'd probably get in their car and have you follow.

I have always loved Kincardine from the time my parents took us to the wonderful Boiler Beach on a hot Sunday afternoon. For as long as I can remember, a summer Saturday night wasn't complete unless you lined up on Queen Street with an ice cream cone in hand to hear the Kincardine Pipe Band head up the main street ending in Victoria Park.

Whether you are at Station Beach or exploring Princess Street where you can view some fine examples of 19th century house architecture there is always a great welcoming vibe in Kincardine.

Just park in the big lot east of the main street.

Get out of your car and start walking towards Queen Street. I guarantee that on the way someone will give you that big "Welcome to Kincardine" smile.

Thank you Jane, for telling us about Kincardine - now I want to go there too!

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