Juvenile Bald Eagle

by Lisa Birtch
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I went for a bike ride last Thursday, looking for this guy, and he did not disappoint me! (and there have been plenty of times I haven't seen anything!)

Just as I was walking behind the Children's Museum here in London, I looked down at the river and spotted him having a snack!

I was so excited that I took a moment to calm down, check my camera and get everything ready, then I carefully went part-way down the river bank.

He flew away pretty fast, but then I guess he decided I was no threat - I was able to watch him for about 10 minutes.

Boy was I a happy girl!

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you Lisa, for more lovely photos and a great report of your Eagle sighting!

I have seen a mature Bald Eagle in a tree on the banks of the Thames River, close to the Guy Lombardo Bridge on Wonderland Road, London, so there must be at least one breeding pair close to the city.

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Great pictures
by: Sarah B

Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures of the Bald Eagle - I live just north of London, Ontario, and have seen Eagles once or twice in the past coupole of years, but I was never lucky enough to get pictures.

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