Just south of Hwy 9, near Tottenham Rd (West of Schomberg)

by Maria
(Ontario, Tottenham)

One day morning I find out something ate my Hosta, all of it.

It was a row of "Hosta Virginiana" about 17 pc. One night were eaten about 9 pc and next day seen eaten all.

Two days later on other side of my garden, I had Yellow leafed Hosta "August Moon", about 14 pc and in next two days all leaves were gone again, so I did not enjoy blooms at all.

Then some of my dogs killed one hungry animal and I did see that it is Possum. Looked ugly!

However, I thought my gardens would have no problem anymore - mistake.

A few days later another hosta lost all the leaves, this time extra large "Blue giant". Have only 5 pc and because they are giant only two were eaten one night and few days later those 3 pc were eaten too.

In the fall I bought a trap for $80.00, what should I should place in this trap to catch the thief and destroyer of my Hosta collection????

I have here chickmans eating my Tulips and Lilies, Deers eating my bushes and blueberries, Mice and Rabbits eating Japanese Maples, all Euonymus', Dwarf Lilacs, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Hybiscus - Rose of Sharon and Cotoneasters.

Some I can spray with SKOOT, some I just give-up to have, but Hostas are not to be destroyed!

I need help!!! Maria

I did not write it as story, this is real problem. Help!!!


Oh no, this is awful, I love Hostas too! I hope you can trap this thief and maybe this summer you will enjoy your lovely Hostas!

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