July Possums in Southern Ontario

by Teresa, Dan, Christine, Julie, Sandra, Jen, Liz, Ed, Samantha
(East Scarborough, Guelph, Markham, Niagara-on-the-Lake, London, Scarborough, Leslieville, St Marys, Mississauga, Trent Lakes, Uxbridge, Orono)

One of our readers wrote on July 3 ... We saw an Opossum last night running across our neighborhood street in East Scarborough. We were a bit scared at first because we don't know what it is. It is obvious too big to be a rat but the tail is extremely long. Size is bigger than a house cat. Now we know what it is there is nothing much to worried about.

Also in early July a reader said ... On my way to work this morning (5:00 am, July 5, 2016) I spotted a Possum walking down the sidewalk in Guelph.

Teresa from Markham wrote to say ... We have one stuck in our window well, been feeding it and trying to figure out how to get it out!

Dan from Niagara on the Lake said ... I just saw two possums running through the yard in Niagara on the Lake.

Christine from London, Ontario reported ... I was putting out my German Shepherd dog about 2 am today when she lunged towards the end of my driveway (glad I had a good hold of her)and I looked and at first I thought it was a big whitish coloured cat or small dog with something stuck on its nose and then it turned its head towards us and right away I realized it was a Possum. It ran across the street because my dog was growling and barking at it. I've seen them before in other parts of Ontario, they are hard to forget. They have got the ugliest faces on them.

Julie from Scarborough said ... Later in the evening, while sitting around the pool we saw movement in the backyard and were surprised to see a Possum. I did not know that they lived in Ontario. We live on the Birkdale Ravine in Scarborough. Will they eat plants, because something ate all my gerbera daisies and coleus at my front door.

A reader from Leslieville, Toronto, said ... Hubby responded to a noisy conflict in the back yard only to find our Shiba Inu dog shaking a Possum. Hubby chastised the dog and sent him into the house and thought he had to bury what appeared to be a dead Possum, but as soon as he tried to put the shovel under the apparently poor dead creature, it "smiled" at him and ran up a tree! It was of course "playing possum".

Sandra from St Marys said ... It was walking around my back yard. It had a hunch back. Walking like it had to go to the bathroom. Lol. It was hairless had a funny nose like an ardvark. I didn't know what it was and my husband confirmed it was a Possum.

Jen from London, Ontario, wrote to say ... I saw a Possum early this morning while running in the Old North neighbourhood of London. I had never seen one before, and thought it looked like a giant rat. When it saw me, it froze mid-step and stayed that way for a few minutes as I looked at it, trying to
figure out what animal it was.

A reader said ... I was out for my morning run and saw a Possum this morning in Mississauga near lakeshore ... he was crossing the street, no big deal. This is the second time I have seen one around here.

Liz from Scarborough said ... I was letting the dogs out for their last bathroom break for the night and my brother's collie started barking. I couldn't see what she was barking at and thinking it might be a cat took her by the collar and walked toward where she was barking. As I turned back I noticed the other two old girls were very busy with their noses. Then I noticed the 15 year old was about 1 foot away from a Possum. Since she is partially blind I didn't want her to confront it so got everyone in the house. Went back out with a flashlight to make sure. Hoping it will be gone by morning.

Ed from Trent Lakes said ... We live 2 km outside of Bobcaygeon, Ontario on Pigeon lake and we saw an Opossum last night for the first time. We've been here 20 years and this is our first sighting. July 23rd at 10 pm. It crossed the road in front of our car. I've seen them 10 years ago when visiting the Niagara region and remember being surprised to see them but this far north, make me wonder if it found its way by hiding in someones car.

Liz from Milton said ... Sadly the one I spotted had been killed on the road. I couldn't believe my eyes but after looking it up I'm sure it was a blond possum. The same day we spotted one near our town pond and forest. Hope he's safe!

A reader wrote to say ... I just saw 2 live possum on the side of Durham Regional Rd 21 about 3 kms apart. One was in Uxbridge Township between concession 6 & 7, and the other was in Scugog Township in the valley east of Durham Regional Rd 23 (Lakeridge Rd). I'm 58 yrs old, have never seen them in Ontario, and never even heard about them being here ... and I watch all the wildlife shows! I did a double take as I drove by thinking what was that? They were mottled looking as if missing patches of fur, shaped like a huge rat, with distinctive pointy snout, legs holding it up about 8-10 inches off the ground, and long rat tail. Sorry, but I'm not a fan :(

Samantha from Orono wrote to tell us ... I should have taken a picture! Was driving at night around midnight and saw one walking on side of a road in Orono, Ontario. Didn't react to my headlights it seemed. It just kept walking somewhat slowly like a skunk or raccoon that doesn't know it's being watched. Looked healthy and well and was travelling alone from what I could see.

And from Toronto ... Possum located at 2911 Bayview Ave at Sheppard Ave, Toronto at the townhouses

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Possum’s in Leslieville!
by: Anonymous

August 15, 2020 - Around 1 am I was in my backyard, under my gazebo & I heard something from between the houses. I figured it was the raccoons, as we have many of those in the neighborhood. To my surprise, it was an adult possum! Poor Ugly Thing! I understand they are harmless so I wasn’t too worried about it! lol

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