This is a special section of my website focusing on Jewellery that we have for sale, although this site is normally about the area of beautiful Southern Ontario where we live, however, we recently purchased a job-lot of rings, bracelets & necklaces in last years styles.

If you didn't know, the mark-up on retail jewellery is enormous!

Last year I saw a ring I liked in a store at the mall (I won't say which one) and when I asked about the price, I was told that it was $399.00 - which wasn't bad.

I never buy anything without trying to negotiate, so I said that was more than I could afford, so the salesman said he could reduce it by $100.00!

Just like that, he reduced the price by 25%!

When I told him that it was still more than I wanted to pay, he said that he would include the 15% taxes in that price.

So think about that - without even trying the price was reduced by around 33% - just because I asked!

This got me thinking, if a retail store could make a reduction in price on that ring, just like that, what exactly do they really pay for them?

That started me on my quest to buy jewels at low prices - mainly these are last years styles (I don't care, do you?) - they are good quality and I can sell them for about one third of their usual retail price!

The savings are enormous!

Take a look at the quality and styles of the items below, any of these lovely rings and exquisite necklaces and bracelets would make a beautiful gift for your Mother, wife or girlfriend, for Christmas or Valentine's Day, or for your Grand-daughter for a Graduation gift - they would never know what a great deal you got!

FREE DELIVERY IN LONDON & ST THOMAS, ONTARIO! We will deliver to you within London & St Thomas - complete the form below and we will contact you or call 519-777-0865 - FREE DELIVERY WITHIN LONDON & ST THOMAS!


3. This is a breathtaking ring with 5 rectangular Amethysts set in solid 10k gold. this ring is size 7, and comes with an Appraisal Certificate of value for the full retail value of $849.00. The Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February.

Our price $350.00

ring with genuine Emeralds in Solid Yellow Gold Size 7

5. Attractive Ring With 1.0 genuine Emeralds in Solid Yellow Gold - Size 7. One of the most prized of all gemstones, Emeralds have a rich spring green colour which symbolizes growth and fertility. This classic ring has a retail value of $549.00

Our price $195.00

Marquise cut Emerald in a 10k yellow gold ring

6. Marquise cut Emerald in a 10k yellow gold ring, 2 small accent diamonds. Size 7.5, retail value of this lovely piece of jewellery is $889.00 Canadian dollars. The emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.

Our price $250.00

7. This beautiful ring has a Retail value of $980.00 and is White Gold and has a 0.16 cwt Fancy Brown Diamond as the centre stone, and is flanked by 12 smaller diamonds. This ring is size 7.5

Our price $375.00

8. Peridots were treasured by the Ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra was known to have a large collection of them. Today they are the gemstone for those born in August. This pretty ring has a retail value of $369.00 and is available in size 7.5 and 7.25

Our price $130.00

9. This sparkling Topaz ring would be a beautiful gift - set in yellow gold with three perfectly matched Topazes totaling 2.10cwt oval stones, with 4 tiny accent diamonds, this ring is lovely and is available in size 7 and has a Retail value of $580.00

Our price $185.00

White Gold ring has large blue Sapphire,  12 small Diamonds, size 7, retail value $530.00, our price $175.00

10. This lovely White Gold ring has one large blue Sapphire and 12 small Diamonds beside it, this ring is size 7 and has a retail value of $530.00

Our price $175.00


20. This lovely solid silver bracelet has 17 octagonal sky blue Topaz stones and has a lobster claw clasp. The beautiful Topaz is the birthstone for November and this lovely bracelet would be a wonderful gift! The usual retail value of this bracelet is $429.00.

Our price $140.00

22. This exquisite 8" silver bracelet has 9 pretty hearts, each with one oval emerald, for a total gemstone weight of 2.85. This bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery and has a usual Retail cost of $639.00.  There are two of these bracelets available.

Our price $213.00

23. This gorgeous gold bracelet has 7 Amethysts, totaling 1.40 ctw, and is 7.5 inches long. The Retail value of this dainty bracelet is $679.00

Our price $225.00


32. This exquisite silver necklace is 18" long and has one 3.61 cwt Topaz and also has 18 Sky-Blue and White Topaz accent stones. Topaz are popular precious stones and symbolize strength and intelligence, Topaz is the birthstone for those born in the month of November. Regular Retail price $299.00

Our price $75.00

33. Nine Genuine oval Garnets make this jewellery at its finest, this is a very eye-catching necklace - made of solid Sterling Silver and 18" long, with a weight of 9.4 grams, this gorgeous necklace has a retail value of $289.00.

Our price $95.00

35. Sapphires exist in many different colours, these are clear Spring-green and this 16" necklace has a total of 3.10 ctw green Sapphires and seven small White Sapphires. This necklace matches item 19 below. The Retail cost of this item in a store would be $960.00.

Because we made an amazing deal on this item our price is $300.00

Birthstones in Jewellery - Traditional & Modern

JANUARY Garnet / Emerald

FEBRUARY Amethyst / Bloodstone

MARCH Aquamarine / Jade

APRIL Diamond / Opal

MAY Emerald / Sapphire

JUNE Pearl / Moonstone

JULY Ruby / Ruby

AUGUST Peridot / Diamond

SEPTEMBER Sapphire / Agate

OCTOBER Opal / Tourmaline

NOVEMBER Yellow Topaz / Citrine

DECEMBER Blue Topaz & Turquoise / Tanzanite

Jewellery Information - Gemstones & Birthstones
I found this site really interesting for its comprehensive list of gemstones and birthstones, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom
A complete guide to rocks, minerals and gemstones - everything you have always wanted to know about gems!

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