Intriguing Owl in Hawkestone

by Jane Gateman

I was driving eastward on Old Bass Lake Side Road in Hawkestone, Ontario, in the early evening.

To the right of me, perched on a fence, was a plump large Grey Owl. I stopped to observe him closely as he sat with his back facing me.

As I quietly observed him, slowly, he turned his head directly around, 90 degrees, only his head turned at his neck, his entire body below his head remained in his original position, and he was now facing me with his eyes piercing me, as though he was saying, "Well, what are you looking at behind my back?"

He was totally fearless and a direct communicator with his body language.

I had no idea an owl was capable of such an amazing movement or range of body movement.

He remained perched on that fence giving me the eyes ... he did not budge from his perched position, until my visit was finished, and I was driving away.

He stretched out his long wings a flew away southward.

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