Indiana Road East Cayuga

by S Hamilton
(East Cayuga)


August 10 2015 (6:15 am) I am a knowledgeable wild animal enthusiast, and I saw an amazing sight this morning.

On my way from the house to the barn (clear skies, and the sun was up) - down by my corner fence post was sitting a large grey Wolf.

It came to about 2 feet short of the top of the fence post (which are 6 feet high) and it was huge! It was the most stunning silver color.

As I got my camera ready, it stood and moved closer to the tree line. It was a bit smaller than a Great Dane dog (not much) and was very thick. It must have been at least 100 lbs.

When it turned its head to the side to look back at me, I noticed it had mostly black and some light tan markings over the shoulder area, and down the top of its back. And then it stepped into the trees.

I have seen lots of Coyote scat in the area and on occasion I have seen large scat with a surprising amount of fur in it. So, I had my suspicions that there may have been a Wolf in the area from time to time, and this morning I saw him.

He was a magnificent animal.

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by: Anonymous

I have also noticed same type animal near Port Maitland, Ontario.

Wolf sighting
by: Anonymous

What a thrill that must have been. Great to know there are still such magnificent creatures in the area. But unfortunately, fewer and fewer. The only shots taken at them should be with cameras.

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