Identification please!

by Jeremy L
(West Grey, Ontario, Canada)

We’ve had a couple sightings of a “larger than normal cat” on our property in West grey, Ontario.

I finally caught it on a trail camera.

Any possible ideas on identification would be appreciated!!

Note* There are no homes within a reasonable distance and the pictures were taken near a swamp.

Thank you for your report and pictures, maybe one of our readers will have an idea of what you saw.

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What would it be?
by: Joan Jarrette

Last summer something killed 6 hens and one rooster, as that was left was a pile of feathers, no blood, no bones just 7 piles of feathers, this was at noon hour, I heard nothing, my windows were all open, what could it has been?

Slaughtered by a Cougar and her cub
by: Connie Eagles

My cats were stalked, mauled, slaughtered and eaten by a Cougar and her cub in July 2017 in the middle of Holland Centre. It’s was severely traumatizing and I’m a local farm girl. The more I know the more sickening the experience! We’re in trouble as there’s 1000’s of cougars in Ontario. I believe the septic MNR is in bed with the insurance companies!! I think I know what happened to the old guy in Euginia that disappeared also😳😳😳😳

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