I work in Leamington and Belle River

by Al Carmichael
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Last week around 9 pm as I drove on County Road 27 on my way to Belle River, I saw what I believed to be, one of the biggest Coyotes I had ever seen, come out of a wooded area, pause to look at me, and bolt across the road and disappear into the woods on the other side.

Spending years of my life camping up north, I could've swore it was a Wolf, but never thought there were Wolves this far south.

After speaking with some people who live in the area, they confirmed hearing and on occasions seeing, Wolves.

Last night, February 14th 2012, as I drove my usual route to Belle River, I spotted something coming towards me in the dark.

As I got closer and the car lights lit this object, at first I thought it was a large dog approaching in front of me.

Coming to a stop, I saw the most beautiful Wolf.

It moved toward the ditch and stopped on the shoulder of the road staring at me for maybe one minute, then it went through the ditch and disappeared in the woods under the cover of darkness.

This animal I saw was not a Coyote, I'm 100% positive it was a Wolf and I am convinced my previous encounter was with another Wolf as well, as they were not the same ones.

They were different in size and coloring, which is not to say they weren't of the same species, but different enough to tell they were two separate animals.

Thank you so much for telling us about your encounter with Wolves - I'm sure our readers will enjoy it!

I will also post this on our facebook page.


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