I think it was a Coyote

by Mike Horley
(Inverhuron, Ontario, Canada)

I was walking in Inverhuron Provincial Park in snowy weather and came across numerous dog tracks but noticed there were no human tracks with them that would signify an owner walking with domestic dogs.

I decided to follow the tracks, they lead me into the bush. I followed the tracks to a tree in which the underside of the tree was dug out.

I looked closer and there was a pair of yellow eyes with black pupils looking at me. The eyes were angry looking. I was probably 2 metres away from the animal. The eyes were actually startling.

The animal was curled up and had a dark grey/black/brown coat. It looked rather larger.

As I had my Doberman with me and didn't want him to disturb the animal or get into a scrap with it, so we moved on.

This den is about 200 m from my house and just 25 m off a popular walking trail.

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Nature Lover
by: Anonymous

Be smart when walking both your dogs ... Wolves were here first and should be left to live as they are able. Whether or not it actually was a Wolf is definitely a question ... have there been any other sightings in the area? Wolves and Coyotes are necessary in our ecosystem, keeping the ungulates (deer etc) under control and therefore allowing the natural systems to thrive.
You might enjoy National Geographic - Wolves

by: Interested

Are you sure it wasn't a Cougar, Mike?

It was a Wolf you saw...
by: Anonymous

What you saw was a Wolf, (Timber Wolf aka The Gray Wolf)I read a lot about Wolves. Wolves have yellow eyes with black pupils, if you shine a light at a Wolf their eye-shine is yellow. Wolves are big, especially the Alpha male (6 feet from nose to tail and 3 feet tall front paw to shoulder and huge paws about 6 inches long ... good thing you had your dog with you, what could have been in the den was the Alpha female about to give birth to pups, so be careful cause Wolves are territorial when intruders are close to the den... Take Care, Be safe in the woods...

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