I see and hear the Coyote's

by Kim, Cindy, Kate, Mike
(All across Ontario)

Kim from Oshawa, Ontario says ..... I see and hear the Coyotes.

I work at DRHQ in Whitby at night and I see the Coyote's walking in the parking lot and on the street, and we see foxes as well. We hear the Coyotes' howl almost every night. It's awesome and scary at the same time to have them living in the city!

Cindy, from Mount St Louis on February 16 2013 said ..... Coyotes are around Highway 400 near Horseshoe Valley Rd. Over the last couple of weeks (early February 2013) around 6:30am on his way to work, my husband has seen a Coyote in the fields along Highway 400 near Horseshoe Valley Road. I saw two in the same area at noon just trotting ('bouncing') through the field.

Kate from Decewsville says ..... Coyote seen this morning about 7:00 a.m. - March 05 2013. This morning just past our back yard we saw a Coyote. He seemed to be prowling, tapping the frozen pond for fresh water. We live in Decewsville, Ontario near a conservation area just outside of Cayuga, Ontario (Haldimand County)

Mike from Richmond Hill, Ontario, tells us about howling at 5:10am! We are located beside a wild area and creek that runs north and south to the Mill Pond area. We've seen them before but got woken up this morning by a Wolf-like howl directly beside our bedroom window!

A reader also asks if Coyotes are moving north? We saw a coyote crossing Simpson Pit Road, between Highway 60 and Round Lake Rd, on Dec 29, 2012 around noon. (Round Lake Centre nearest settlement)

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