I bought three small paintings by Peter Robson about 30 years ago

by Dianne Mcdonald
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Hi My name is Dianne McDonald, I bought 3 small paintings years ago, 25..30 years ago the names of the painting are "Almost Home" "Sparta Tearoom", and "Elmhurst". Are these worth any thing now?

Hi Dianne - you have reached the office of the website "Discover Southern Ontario".

Are the pictures original paintings, or are they the art cards which have been framed?

If they are the original paintings they will be worth money, for sure, but if they are the art cards, they likely won't be worth much as they still sell them today at the store in Sparta.

You could try advertising them on Kijiji or on ebay, and see if there is any interest from buyers.

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