Hundreds of Vultures sighted

by Kim, Danny Mc C, Maureen, Karin, Sean M, MJ, Judith, Neo, Karen, Lin, Brian K, Susan
(Toronto, Markham, Oshawa, Scarborough, Oakville, Mississauga, Georgetown, London, Kingston, Grimsby)

Turkey Vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture in flight

Kim from Toronto wrote ... I witnessed an amazing bird with a huge wingspan fly over head. It landed on an apartment building with two other companions. It filled me with wonderment. Three big birds hanging around in such an urban setting.

A reader from Markham reported ... from about 5:45 to 6:00 pm I saw 6 very large birds, evidently Turkey Vultures, gracefully circling, not always in a very organized manner, above eastern Markham, gradually gaining in height and trending north. Finally one of the birds headed somewhat more swiftly eastward and lower, and after a little delay, further circling, the other 5 birds all followed, heading seemingly in the general direction of Markham Stouffville Hospital (where there still remain some open fields).

Danny McC wrote ... I saw 2 Turkey Vultures. While out walking my puppy around 2:30 pm on Saturday March 30 2018, on the bike trail at Cruickshank Park at Weston Rd and Church Street in Toronto I stopped to talk to a couple of people. While talking I looked up and about 50 feet over head I saw a big bird. I thought it was a hawk, it looked much bigger than a Red Tail Hawk, then another appeared from the other direction, then started to circle overhead. When they landed in the tree about 20 ft off the ground I saw they had red heads so I was kinda confused what exactly they were, another guy that showed up pointed out they were Turkey Vultures but they were more common up in farm country. They sat up there about 50 - 75 ft away from us in the tree. Before I thought about pulling out my phone to take some pictures, they jumped and flew away. I did think they were circling overhead checking out my puppy, so I was keeping a close eye on them until they flew away. I do not remember seeing one before so it was very cool to see.

Maureen from Oshawa reported ... I just got back from driving from Oshawa to Scarborough and saw at least 10 different groups of what looked like Turkey Vultures, on both sides of the highway (all flying). There was at least 15 birds in each group. I have been checking the internet to see if anyone else saw them, that's a first for me.

Karin W from Scarborough wrote to say ... I have walked my dogs through a wood lot for 30 years. Tonight, around 6 pm I spotted about 12 huge birds in a dead tree. I have never in my life seen birds that large. They seemed to sit there and the odd one would go for a flight and return. They made no sound. They flew silently. A student walking past said they're Turkey Vultures. I have seen large birds in the zoo but never outdoors and not in that area. I spotted the birds in Pinetree Park which is near Markham Rd and McLevin Ave.

Sean Moroney from Toronto wrote ... one weekend I was out shopping and I saw easily 50 - 60 Vultures rising from the valley at Bathurst and Finch. They were spectacular! There were people on the road looking up at the spectacle. This was Sunday October 15th. I went about my business and they could still be seen 6 blocks away. I actually got out of my car and watched for a good ten minutes. I have always admired these birds for the way the have integrated into sub-city life. It's good to see that they are thriving!

MJ wrote ... fifteen Turkey Vultures flew outside the window of my condo, passed the CN tower. They were headed north west, very high, barely flapping their wings. White underbelly caught my attention, beautiful wingspan, very large birds, magnificent.

Judith from Oakville said ... I spotted at Bronte Park, Ontario, in February 2018. It was sitting in a tree branch on the edge of the Bronte Creek.
Easily recognized by size and colour.

Neo wrote to say ... I was driving in a neighborhood in and around Britannia & Winston Churchill Blvd, Mississauga, and saw these large Vulture eating the remains of another bird on the street - stopped 3 cars including mine. I took a video and slowly drove by, it stopped to look at me so I slowed down but it took a couple steps away, then with a few flaps (I could hear the wind) flew up onto the fence beside the roadway. I've only seen them once before in Guelph, Ontario on a side road.

A reader wrote to tell us ... I spotted a Turkey Vulture today eating roadkill on a sidewalk just outside the hospital in Georgetown, Ontario. There were also 2 crows waiting for a turn to eat.

Karen from south London, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... on Saturday April 7 at 630 pm a Turkey Vulture was seen pulling apart a dead squirrel in South London, near Wellington Road and Commissioners Road. We were able to stop right beside it and we watched it pull at the insides of the dead squirrel.

Lin wrote to say ... two quite large Vultures, with distinct read heads. They were picking at a dead rabbit, on the side of the road. Didn't stop to take a photo, wasn't sure what I was seeing until I did some research. Who knew they would be so bold to land in a residential neighbourhood. This was March 13, 2018.

Brian K from Kingston reported ... I saw a Turkey Vulture in Kingston, Ontario back in December 2017, on Old Mill Road by the side of the road eating something. It was midday.

Susan said ... my brother, living in Grimsby, sent me a picture today of several Turkey Vultures at the property across the road from his home. He said there were at least 100. He sees 40 - 50 at the same place daily.

One of our readers said ... it was April 7th at 6.00 pm and I have just spotted six Turkey Vultures wheeling above our property on the Scarborough Bluffs. They have landed in a large tree next door and appear to be resting.

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TooGood Pond, Main Street Unionville
by: Anonymous

June 11, 2022 3pm Markham, Ontario, Canada. I saw a red head big hawk/crow eating a dead bird ... took video; dog chasing, it then circled above, came back later. Googled and found out it was a Turkey Vulture. Amazing.

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