by Srpski Orao
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)



I am planning to build Hummingbird house. Are there Hummingbirds in Brampton, Ontario?

Your suggestions how to build and where to place this bird house in my backyard are very much appreciated.

Write me anything you know for my project.

If I build it how am I going to attract Hummingbirds to nest there.

Thank you all

Hi Srpski, this is a very interesting question, and I don't know the answer!

Although Hummers come to Southern Ontario during the late Spring and stay here through the summer to lay their eggs and raise their young, I have never heard of Hummingbirds nesting in a man-made nesting box, but that would be really interesting.

They usually build their tiny nests on the branches of trees, but who knows, there may be a Hummingbird nesting box - do any of our readers know if there is such a thing? If you do, please let us know!

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About Humming Birds
by: Rosjuan

I want to put a feeder for humming birds. Do we have them in Mississauga, Ontario.

Yes, Rosjuan, if you put out a feeder, the Hummingbirds will come!

by: Monique (Ontario)

The feeders attract bees, how can you discourage the bees from hanging around the feeders?

Hummingbird Feeders
by: A Hummingbird Mom

Hummingbird feeders must be emptied three times a week, completely washed in hot soapy water and cleanly rinsed. Then you can refill with NEW water & sugar mixture.
Remember to boil water for 5 minutes, let cool and then mix sugar into water, mix well and then place in the clean feeder. Hang completely away from the sun and away from where cats (and other things) can get to it.
Please know that a lot of Hummers die due to eating stale food. If you're going to feed them then do it right.
Thanks for the info - it is my understanding that the sugar solution should be boiled, rather than the water used to make the solution, as that retards the growth of mold.

Hummingbirds go South
by: Anonymous

When do the hummers leave to fly south and should we leave their feeding tubes out for them until they are gone?

I have read that you should feed the Hummingbirds until the weather starts to get chilly, then take the food away, so that they will leave on their fall migration.

If you continue to feed them, they may stay here too long and be here when the bad weather arrives!

I'm not sure if this is true, but seems like a good idea to me.

Take a look at the flowers that they would normally use for food .... Hostas, Rose of Sharon, Fuchsia - once those stop blooming, I stop feeding.

by: Maureen Molinnus

We recently moved to Norwood, Ontario. I have many planters with red and pink colors. I have a Ruby Throated that sits on my clothes line every night.

Also it frequents all my red flowers. It is said that the ruby red is attracted to red and will sit and guard her/his territory watching the red.

I am still looking so don't know if this is 100% for sure.

I welcome them with open arms.

No Hummers anymore
by: Anonymous

I hung a feeder and lots of Hummers but no there is nothing. They were constantly coming by and then we had rain and they have not returned. Is there something i can do to get them back?

Make sure you are changing the sugar-water in the feeder every few days, they won't drink the old stuff, so empty it, wash the feeder well, refill with new solution and you should start attracting Hummingbirds to your feeder!

Humming bird
by: Srpski Orao

Thank you all.
I started preparing material to build it.
I hope I get some humming attraction.

by: Sue

Hi there,

Saw your topic of Hummingbird Houses and thought you might like this site.

It's "Hummingbirds - Canada" - check it out.

Attracting Hummingbirds
by: Mary Lynn

I am not sure a hummingbird will nest in a man made box. But it is worth a try. They build their nests with lichen held together with spider silk. IsnĀ“t that amazing? I actually found a nest near my home and sure enough spider silk was holding it together and it was beyond tiny.

If you want to attract hummingbirds put hummingbird feeders out NOW. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water. You do not have to boil it but make sure the sugar is well dissolved. If you are keeping a bottle of sugar water in the fridge -then, it will have to be boiled first. IMPORTANT: You have to change the sugar water at least once a week and preferably every 3 to 4 days. Bit of a drag. DO NOT add food coloring.
The best advice it to go to or call your local Wild Birds Unlimited and talk with them. They are very knowledgeable and helpful and they have tons of stuff for all kinds of birds.

Also, plant things like butterfly bushes, Cone flowers, honeysuckle and any other plants you can find at your local nursery that hummingbirds and butterflies love. I have all of these plants and more and it makes a big difference.

Good Luck!

Hummingbirds Nesting Box
by: Alexis

After Googling Hummingbird nesting boxes to my surprise there are some, although I don't know how much success you will have in attracting them to it.

Hummingbirds are all over Ontario, including Brampton.

The first Hummingbirds to arrive are the males followed by the females. I usually see my first male Hummingbird the first week of May, however with the mild winter I wouldn't be surprised to see my first Hummingbird arrive the middle of April. So my feeders are outside now.

I would put out a couple of Hummingbird feeders that have some red on them as they are attracted to that colour. You can make your own nectar by dissolving sugar in boiling water. The mixture is one part sugar to four parts water. No need to add red food colouring and make sure the mixture has cooled before putting it in to the feeder.

If they like your yard they may build their own nest on some forked branch. You'll probably spot a Hummingbird before the nest as a Hummingbird nest is only about an inch across and very hard to spot.

Good luck.

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