Humans even more dangerous

by Skotia

One of our readers sent us this submission, in response to a report "The Real Danger: Deer not Coyotes" - they say ..... Very well written. I agree in most part with you on this matter, though we need to take it a step further.

We happen to be the ones encroaching on the remaining lands of wildlife and we seem to want to blame that same wildlife for being where they belong.

A common theme for the human race.

My first experience with a lone Wolf was at eight, with a bear at ten and I've lived with the music of Coyotes all my life.

I'm sixty three now and have come closer to losing my life to the two legged animal than I have with any other species on this planet!

I believe a little common sense would go a long way in creating a shared environment.

With common sense even the problem with deer can be solved. We know where deer cross the roads that we built across their migration routes, through their feeding and breeding grounds, we have the roadside signs to prove it.

Everyone of those signs is literally saying, "Beware! We have put you in danger by building this road through a deer populated area. You may die as a result!"

We have the money to replace and repair cars from deer collisions, pay hospital bills for those hurt in these collisions and pay for funerals because of the "Deer Problem".

Common sense tells me that it would cost less to put a path(s) under or over these roadways and entice deer to use them than what it's costing in lives.

Perhaps if we learned a little about shared living with the animal kingdom we might just be able to share living space with other humans before we eliminate that species from the planet.

Southern Ontario is a beautiful part of Canada and a large part of that beauty comes from the animal kingdom that we have here.

It would be a mistake on our part to think that we are the only animal that has a right to live here.

Hello Skotia, I hope you don't mind, but I have taken your submission out of our "Comments" section, and given it some space of its own, where more people will see it - thank you for your well-written article!

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Response to Skotia
by: Mary Lynn Horton

Skotia: I agree 100%. Loved your insightful comments and thoughts on the Coyotes right to live among us. They were, after all, here first.

I love how the developers here in Niagara who build on, and at the foot of, the Niagara Escarpment (designated as a World Biosphere - what joke) and the ad slogans for new homes say ¨Live at the Foot of the Escarpment - at One with Nature¨.

And then people move in and start screaming about ¨eliminating¨ all that ¨nature¨ including Coyotes and anything else that does not fit in with their idea of wildlife - which is just about every fur bearing or feathered creature they see.

And it is also sad to see all the Cherry, Apple, Peach, Plum, Apricot orchards and vineyards being chopped down to make way for these ¨house farms¨ as the over-populated, over-crowded GTA migrates into Niagara.

Happy New Year and here´s a toast to Coyotes and wild animals everywhere.

Hopefully we will have the wisdom and foresight to learn to not only live with them, but learn just how amazing these creatures are.

Mary Lynn

So True
by: Cindy Morton

First I must say, this site is wonderful it is helping me understand and have a voice to vent my frustration on what is going on in our environment.

When I was younger we were all warned Wildlife would be pushed out of their land because of all the greed and glory of mankind, and it made me sad to think that it could happen.

And now, here we are having to come face to face with wildlife in 2011.

In 1970 wildlife was surreal and so was the land they had to call their own.

I use to go up north to Mactier, Parry Sound, etc, it was so peaceful.

My sister lived up North, but has moved up to Elliot Lake, Ontario, and she has mentioned many times that more buildings, malls have been built.

Thank you for your contributions Cindy, and I am so glad to hear that you like our website.

Hubby and I are just two individuals who love this part of Ontario, and decided to build a website about it!

When we started this site, it was supposed to be to give information to people thinking of visiting Southern Ontario, of maybe those who were planning to move here, but as soon as I started writing about the Nature and Wildlife of the area ...... I got dozens of people writing in with stories of what they had seen, questions about birds they had seen, reports of the sighting of rare birds and animals.

This is such a source of pleasure to me, and I am so happy that others enjoy it too!

Thank you for your contributions, and please, keep on writing to us!


Skotia's post
by: Darlene

A wonderful, well-written post by Skotia!

I totally agree..... we're not the Master Species and must respect the animals we've forced to move out of their natural territory.

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