Huge Majestic Golden Eagle

by Rob VM
(Fairbank Lake, Ontario, Canada)

On the evening of August 20, 2012, just before dusk, I observed a huge Golden Eagle at my house around 8pm.

It had taken a perch in my one gigantic century old pine trees located just off the shore of Fairbank Lake, which is west of Sudbury, Ontario, between Espanola and Lively.

Not sure how long it had been up in the tree but I initially scared it when I came out of the house, but after a very short graceful swooping flight over the lake and shoreline, it returned to one of the highest of the large branches.

What a gorgeous bird, with probably the largest wingspan I have ever seen in live flight.

I hope it will still be there in the morning so I might be able to get some pictures.

The size of the bird while perched is huge but during flight was just amazing.

What a magnificent creature!

Thank you for telling us about your Eagle sighting - if you get pictures, please send them to us and I will add them here!

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