Huge Canine Prints

by Elizabeth
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

Back about 15 yrs ago, my boyfriend and I were walking through the woods near Sarnia, Ontario. There was a good layer of snow on the ground at that time and we saw lots of animal prints, which was what we were looking for.

They were easily identified until we came across huge canine prints. These were very visible and they looked fairly fresh. I have a lot of experience with dogs so I knew right away these were not dog paws.

We didn't have a camera or measuring tape with us but I can assure you, these were Wolf prints. Coyote or brush wolves would have much smaller prints.

Thank you for telling us about your experience - I hope there are still Wolves around, but I'm not so sure

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Wolves have huge paws!
by: Anonymous

The Grey Wolf (aka Timber Wolves) are the biggest Wolves in Canada and they have huge paws, mostly the Alpha male.

Paw size is about 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. The Alpha male stand about 3 feet from paw to shoulder and 6 feet long from nose to tail. If you seen a full size Great Dane that is the size of the Alpha male.

I'm no expert either, I love Wolves and I read a lot about them. There is a video on YouTube of a big wolf track look up "Huge Wolf Track in Dryden Ont." it shows tracks in the snow and a guy puts his boot beside the track to compare size of the wolf track, the guy wears a size 12 boot and the paw print is bigger than his boot...

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