Howling? Almost every night!

by Lucas
(Maynooth, Ontario, Canada)

I own a cottage resort 5 minutes away from Algonquin Park. We own 28 acres surrounded by Crown Land.

Secluded, with no neighbours close-by, I see all kind of wildlife around. A Deer walking by my window; a Moose trotting in the lane way; a Silver Fox chasing a Hare; my dog bringing back a killing.

I see and hear a lot here!

My dog, Elsie, is a mix of Husky, German Shepherd, and Golden Labrador weighing 100 lbs approximately. I say... she's a white Shepherd (to be better identified).

Special thing about her: Cute looking female and so, so friendly with people, she's nonetheless an Alpha dog to the extreme!!!

Wolves are territorial: They defend their territories, yet respect other's!

Here, there's like an invisible fence between our premises and the Crown Land surrounding us.

Every morning, my dog is out around 6:00 am patrolling our 28 acre lot. The place is contoured by trails. I can see tracks in the snow of "visitors" literally stopping at the boundaries.

I saw many Wolves around in the last five years since we moved in. Heard them countless times!

Obvious part of Nature: They are beautiful animals ..... with a gift of singing!

Thank you for telling us about your experience! I will also post this on our facebook page.


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This is mine!
by: AnonymousBeth Moore

So evocatively descriptive! Thanks for sharing.

by: michelle

You have me curious.... where are you? We spend our summers in Madawaska and hear a pack of Wolves when we are out on the trails.... behind the dump up to Snoasis

Just curious lol

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