Homeschool in Toronto

by Melanie Chong
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Homeschooling in Ontario

Homeschooling in Ontario

Who can I refer to in regards to homeschool?

Hello Melanie, thanks for your question. Here is a link to information on the Homeschooling section of our website which might answer some of your questions Our Home School Information page.

I would also like to mention (as a home-schooling parent) that in Ontario you are allowed to teach what you want, when you want, in the way you want.

There is no mandatory testing of your child, nor is there any government involvement with how you teach your child.

I would also suggest that you join home schooling groups on Facebook and network with other parents there.

Here are some homeschooling terms with which you may not be familiar.

means all types of home education, including Unschooling.

B & M
means "Bricks and Mortar" often used when referring to "real" school

refers to those who are homeschooling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but who will be returning their children to school when the crisis is over.

means the time taken to get the school's way of doing things out of your child's system, to get to a point when learning becomes a pleasure again.

is similar to Child-led Learning where children are allowed to learn what interests them with little, to no, direction from the parents.

World Schooling
is a term used when people travel to other countries while teaching their children.

Road Schooling
is also used for those travelling as they educate their kids.

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