Home Sweet Home

by Anje
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)


I just moved to this great new farm house 2 months ago, and in the last two weeks I have been seeing these rather large birds soaring around my house and barns every day.

Being concerned for my two dogs, I decided to make some calls and investigate these birds. They both are a golden brown color with a golden yellow beak.

Someone came out to get a better look and help to identify what I was dealing with.

It turns out that two Golden Eagles have decided to make a nest in the upper open abandoned barn outside in my backyard.

It's quite amazing to watch them fly, dive, and soar having never seen them before.

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Truly incredible!
by: Lisa Birtch

You are so lucky to have these majestic birds so close to you. By the way, did you know, I think you may be able to claim some kind of tax exemption for the land the eagles are nesting on? I was just reading about it the other day. Leave another message on here if you like and I can email you with some more info!
And, even if you can't it is still absolutely amazing!!

Way too cool
by: Anonymous

That is so amazing, I wish I could see these guys!

They're one of my favourites - what area in Cambridge do you live?

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