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by Doug
(Caistor Centre, Onntario)

I saw five Coyotes together around 1:00 am on December 20th 2010, in my back yard. I live in Caistor Centre on the North Chippawa Road. We have a grassy field that backs onto the Chippawa Creek.

They woke me up because they were making a lot of barking noises. One by one they left our field and ran between our house and our neighbours house, to cross the street where there is a large open field and more creek area.

I've never seen that many together before, I guess it is a family of Coyotes. They were all mostly a little bigger than a Fox.

One or two may have been slightly bigger, perhaps the Mom and Dad. I did not take any photos unfortunately, but it was a bright night so I could see them quite clearly.

Hopefully they were moving on and not planning to camp out in our yard permanently!

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