Hello from Vienna

by Elaine Wood
(Vienna, Ontario)

Elaine, from K & E Photography tells us about her parents' arrival in Canada.

I enjoyed your story of leaving England and moving here. My mum and dad were both from England and moved here in 1954.

They first lived in Toronto then moved to the farming town of Brampton, which is no longer a farming town - its a big city, then moved to a farm in Caledon.

Myself and my brother were born here, my sister was born in England, they are older then me. My Mum and Dad raised us with a lot of their British traditions and ways.

My Mum was from Liverpool and my dad from Hammersmith, London. My dad was a British soldier in the second world war.

I have family still in England and some in Scotland and here as well. I have been to England and love the country-side.

My mum always said that Ontario remined her of the British country-side. They loved it here and had traveled all over Ontario.

They have both passed and I just want to say they would of loved this website as I do.

Thank you for all your hard work for the rest of the world to see and come to explore.

Here is your family's story - thank you Elaine for sending this to us.

Canada welcomed me and my family when we arrived in this country, and I am thankful that we received a warm welcome from the people who lived here.

Your story reminds me to be thankful to those people who were kind to my family, and helps me remember those long-past days when I was a newcomer here.

Thank you too for your wonderful article and photographs of Tundra Swans - our readers will surely enjoy seeing them!

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