Hello from Vienna Ont

by Elaine Wood
(Vienna, Ontario)

Hubby and I met 4 years ago and moved here in the small village of Vienna, Ontario, in 2009. We were not yet married until we moved in this old farm house and got married in our back yard with family and friends in August and had a quaint litle country western wedding.

I was raised on a farm in the Caledon Hills, Ontario, area and hubby was raised in what used to be a small farming town called Brampton Ontario.

We fell in love with this old farm house in Vienna that was built in 1895. It was an old school house before a farm house. The street that we live on was divided for other spacious properties. We love all the towns and villages within the area, they all are so beautiful and full of history.

I found this site due to research of the Tundra Swans.

I would like to thank Barb and her family for such a wonderful site and for the passion that they have as we do for Southern Ontario.

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