Hello Barb it's Andy from England

by Andy Mann (love-your-spaniel.com)
(Farnham, England)

I've had a good look all around your website and you should be very proud, it is an excellent peice of work.

The strange thing is my wife and I are both coming to Ontario this year to celebrate 25 years of marriage.

We will be staying at Niagara Falls for a week.

Your website has shown us just what a lovely part of the world we are coming to.

Keep up the good work, Ken Evoy must be very pleased with you!

Take care


Thanks, Andy, for your kind words - I'm sure you will have a wonderful Anniversary trip to the Niagara area.

Actually, I plan to include a section about Niagara Falls in my site soon, so check back in a few weeks and there may be information of interest to you!

Good Luck with your website - it is still in it's infancy, but I think it has great potential!

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