Have one on our front porch!

by Sandra
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)




We first spotted Bob (we don't know if a male or female) on New Year's Eve rummaging in the garbage bin.

First time ever seeing him around. Not sure if him being around is due to ice storm we had breaking down trees.

He came back last night (January 4th, 2014), heard scratching on the porch and looked out to see him in the empty dog food bag. I left him alone and thought he would go when he was done.

Woke up this morning and he was still burrowed in the bag. So I took the shovel and pushed him away from the front door so we could come and go without upsetting him.

But he still hissed and showed his teeth so I gently pushed him off the porch to the side of the house. Thought maybe that when night fall came he would go home but no, he is still in the bag.

Of course it is snowing pretty heavy right now and I feel bad so we took the kids plastic sleigh and covered the bag and Bob from the snow and the freezing rain they are announcing.

I know we shouldn't but we put cabbage and fruit out there for him.

I just can't let him be cold or hungry on a night like tonight. I just hope that he will find his way home when the storm lift.

He is cute in his own way and the kids check on him every once in a while to make sure he is OK.

Thank you for telling us about Bob and sending his picture!

Bless you for caring for this little creature - I do hope he survives the winter and finds a mate in the Spring!

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What is Bob?
by: Anonymous

What kind of animal is Bob? I can't tell from the picture :-)

He is an Opossum, commonly called a Possum, and you can see his little nose, one eye, and whiskers in the feed bag!

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