Haldimand County Coyotes

by Jon
(York, Ontario, Canada)

Hi all, love your site! So many interesting things to learn and share.

I have plenty of Coyotes around my farm and thought I'd share some pics I grabbed on my game camera.

I have 1000's so I tried to find a few good ones.

We have sheep on our farm so Coyotes always seem to be close by.

When one dies we like to sacrifice the animal to the Coyotes or Coywolves and it helps to keep them away from the barn.

We have a spot in the bush where we leave the carcass for them to enjoy and looking at the size and state of them I think they like it.

Since I've been doing this I have not lost any lambs to the coyotes.

Enjoy the pics!

Wow, thank you for sending us these pictures and for telling us about your interaction with the Coyotes on your property.

We have a tremendous backlog of submissions to this website, and it has taken me ages to get to your report, I apologize for the delay in publishing this, I'm sure our readers will find it very interesting.

I am also going to post this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can also enjoy your great pictures!

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by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing. Awesome!

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