Guelph Wolf sighting

by Kellie
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

Sept 13, 2012 - At approx 8:1 5am we were traveling north east on York Road in Guelph, Ontario, (towards Rockwood) near the intersection of Victoria Road.

As we crossed over the train tracks a large animal (that looked like a Shepherd type dog) ran in front of my SUV, I slowed down and noticed it was very well fed/thick furred animal definitely not a dog.

At first we said Coyote, but it was way too thick/heavy to be a Coyote not scrawny at all.

Upon research looks like it was a Grey Wolf!

Thanks for the info - I will also post this on our facebook page.

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Eastern Grey
by: steve

I visited your great country last year and saw what I thought was a Coyote running out from trees in Grey Bruce county during a heavy thunder storm.
My mate, who is very knowledgeable and who has studied Wolves, said it was a Wolf, but said keep it to yourself as no one will believe you!
Well I just had to say, I'm pretty sure there's more around than people think. I saw plenty of wildlife - its a great land you have!
I'm from Somerset, England, across the big pond! Cheers.

Thanks for the info - I'm from Lancashire! I've been in Canada for 35 years, and it is a wonderful country, but I still love to visit the UK whenever I can!

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